Many injured employees will disregard an accidental injury often times not reporting it to the employer for a few days. Sometimes an insurance company will refuse or hold up a legal claim if it is not documented immediately to the employer. Injuries should be reported to the employer as quickly possible using the reporting policy the employer has outlined for its employees. Timely reporting will allow the claim to be started quickly so the insurance agency can begin work managing the injured worker"s compensation claim.

The General Process

The injured worker may be asked to take a drug test following the accident. Most likely, an avoidance of the test could lead to termination of employment and denial of the workers" compensation claim or, at a minimum, a reduction of benefits. Employees need to refer to their employers" policies in regards to their company’s written company drug policy.

Don’t delay visiting the hospital. If an injury has happened it is significant for the worker to follow his or her employer"s workers compensation procedure. The employee should be assisted by their employer during the reporting procedure. It is crucial for the employee to follow the guidelines set by the doctor. When the doctor assigns protective limitations and these are broken by the employee it may cause a loss or decrease in compensation rights.

The compensation carrier will contact the injured person to make a point the claim is being handled properly. Often the claim agent will require taking a statement from the employee. The injured worker always has the right to consult legal advice regarding the worker"s compensation claim. Once an injured employee works with a personal injury lawyer and establishes an attorney-client relationship, the insurance adjuster might not talk directly with the injured employee but only through the legal representative.

Contact a worker"s compensation Attorney

If for any reason an employee isn’t getting the aid needed to quickly recover and get back to work they should make contact with a workers compensation lawyer or personal injury attorney and their states workers compensation governing body for information on their rights regarding their injury. Workers compensation is a no-fault insurance system in place to protect both the employee and the employer.

Follow up with your employers on the job accident policy and keep these four tips in mind:

1 – Follow any documented policy and report the accident as soon as possible.

2 – Seek medical attention quickly and follow all instructions given by the doctor.

3 – Document and follow all requirements of the employer, the insurance carrier, and your doctor.

4 – If extreme negligence was involved or if an employee doesn’t feel they are being treated fairly consult with a lawyer.

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