Our Orange Park, Florida real estate lawyers & counselors and Jacksonville asset protection attorneys at The Workers Compensation Attorney help protect individuals in Florida. We understand that purchasing a home or other piece of real property is one of the most important and complicated transactions an individual or entity can undertake. When a person purchases real estate, they do so with certain expectations of use and enjoyment. Purchasing real estate is an exciting and rewarding event; however, it can also be an intricate and confusing process that may involve numerous aspects of the law which can confuse even the most sophisticated of parties. If a mortgage is involved the lender usually obtains their own lender’s policy and in those instances, it may be possible to obtain an owner’s policy at a reduced rate, since the work to issue the policy is the same regardless of whether one or multiple policies are issued.

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How does a real estate closing in Orange Park, Florida work?

Below are some common questions relating to real estate law and the real estate process. If you have a real estate issue and are in need of assistance, contact our Orange Park, Florida law office to learn more.

  • Why should I hire a real estate lawyer in Clay County, Florida?

Homes with older roofs, or roofs that do not meet certain wind mitigation standards, may be tougher to ensure, often requiring higher premiums. Joint Ventures are a great way to see if you can work together and possibly join forces for a long-term business. The same can be said for goals, work ethics, and work styles. On the other hand, a couple of passive personalities may not accomplish much as they can’t make a solid decision in order to move forward.

  • What are the types of Florida real estate deeds?

The quitclaim deed provides the least amount of assurance to the buyer in the form of warranties. Quitclaim deeds are frequently used in the estate or business planning as a convenient method of transferring property from an owner to themselves in another capacity or interest (e.g. as trustee of their trust or to their company).

  • What is title insurance and why would I need it in Orange Park, Florida?

There is a solid argument for having a partner such as two heads are better than one and other factors that we will discuss soon. Partnerships can allow you to do more deals and can be a great way to move your business forward successfully. A title search is a thorough examination of property records.

What is the process of real estate sales in Orange Park?

During the title review process, we are proficient at clearing any outstanding title issues that could cause problems with your closing. We obtain a title search and examine the legal status of your property. There are many factors that could affect the closing process and complicate the completion of your Sale or Purchase. So, you have given some serious thought about seeking a partner (or partners) for a real estate venture in Orange Park, Florida you are considering. We help our clients to get approved for a range of licenses, including liquor permits, medical licenses, and lottery ticket permits, just to name a few. Whether you are just beginning your search for a Florida home or you already found the home of your dreams, contact us today. Florida homeowners can file for a homestead exemption worth up to $50,000 (home must be your primary residence). This could be a “hired hand” such as a contractor that coordinates the project or it could be one of the designated partners whose responsibility is to coordinate and communicate between contractor and partners. It’s a good idea to spend a little time upfront over coffee or lunch and just have a general discussion in order to get to know one another better.

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How Escrow Relates to Your Real Estate Transaction in Orange Park, Florida?

Next, we prepare a title commitment that states the legal owner of the property and lists any outstanding liens, encumbrances, or any defects which might affect the title of the property. During the title search, the underwriter also verifies any outstanding mortgages, liens, judgments, assessments or unpaid taxes associated with the property. We can securely hold deeds, funds, and other important legal documents on behalf of the buyer and seller. Our escrow officers are experienced and trained in these real estate procedures in Orange Park, Florida 32073. If an attorney is needed to draft specific legal documents, we have access to legal counsel.

It is the title insurer’s job to run a search of the property records and determine if there are any defects in the chain of title. It is also possible to obtain expanded coverage, beyond the face amount of the transaction, if the buyer so desires. You may, of course, retain the services of a licensed real estate attorney at any point in your Orange Park, Florida real estate transaction, at your cost. Please note that when we indicate a partner, it could be just one person or possibly more than just one.

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